Santa’s Snowflake Tour – Thurs, Nov 25th, 6pm Start – Caledonia North Route

On four special nights, the “Santa Snowflake Tour” will be in Caledonia!

Upon his illuminated sleigh, Santa will be driving through the streets of Caledonia to greet all of his friends.

Maps of Santa’s pre-set routes will be posted soon on this website.

Please note:

  1. Santa’s Tour is unable to drive into Courts and small areas due to the size of Tour vehicles.
  2. Please maintain social distancing and stay back from moving vehicles.
  3. Santa wants to take his time and enjoy the Tour. Santa wishes to greet all of his friends along the Route.  As a result, we can’t estimate where Santa will be on the route at what time.  (We will try to post on social media where Santa is on Tour nights.  More info to follow.)
  4. The Caledonia Fire Fighters will be collecting for the Caledonia Food Bank along the Route.

Many thanks to the Volunteers, Special Projects, Who’s Your Santa, and the Caledonia Community Foundation for making the Tour a reality.

Thursday, November 25th – 6 pm start from Kinsmen Park – Caledonia North Route

At 6pm on Thursday, November 25th, the “Lights Along the Grand” will be illuminated to kick off “Christmas in Caledonia” and Santa Claus will embark on his Snowflake Tour!

Santa will begin his Tour in Kinsmen Park (by the white pavilion) on Caithness Street West.

On November 25th, the Snowflake Tour will take the following route from the Kinsmen Park parking lot;

– Santa will turn left [west] onto Caithness St W.

– Turn right on Blair St up to Queen St.

– Left on Queen Street towards Cameron.

– Left on Cameron back to Caithness St. West.

– Caithness St West to McKinnon Dr.

– Right onto McKinnon Dr.

– Left on Williamson

– North on Williamson up to and around Morrison Dr.

– Right onto Dumpfries St towards Orkney St.

– Right onto Orkney St and back to Williamson Dr.

– Right onto Williamson.  All the way around Williamson Dr up to Sutherland St W.

– Right on Sutherland St to Argyle St. North

–  Left onto Argyle St N to Orkney St.

– Left on Orkney St to Inverness St.

– Left onto Inverness St towards Caithness St. W

– Left on Caithness St W

– Left onto Shetland St.

– Up Shetland St to Orkney.

– Turn left onto Orkney St.

– Right on Ross St to Morrison St.

– Right on Morrison to Dumpfries St.

– Turn right on Dumpfries down to Mackenzie.

– Turn Right on Mackenzie.

– Turn left on Ross St. towards Caithness St.

– Left on Caithness St towards Argyle St N

– Continue onto Caithness Street East

– Turn onto Lamb Court.

– Loop around in Lamb Court and turn right on Caithness St East.

– Right on Caithness St E.

– Left on Robert Gordon Dr.

– Right onto Haller Place.

– Loop Haller Place to Haller Crest.  Loop Haller Crest.

– Right onto Sutherland St. E.

– Sutherland St E to Argyle St N.

– Right on Argyle St N to Orkney St. E

– Right onto Orkney St E to Burke Dr.

– Burke Dr to Aberdeen St.

– Right onto Aberdeen to Caithness St. E.

– Right on Caithness St E to Banff St.

– Right on Banff St. to Orkney St. E.

– Left onto Orkney St E to Argyle St. N.

– Left on Argyle St N to Caithness St. E

– Left on Caithness St E to Edinburgh Square E.

– Left onto Edinburgh Square E to Sutherland St E.

– Left onto Sutherland St E.

– Left onto Edinburgh Square W.

End of Night #1 – Santa to head back to the North Pole!


Friday, November 26th – 6 pm start – Caledonia South Route

Saturday, November 27th – 5 pm start – Caledonia South Route

Sunday, November 28th – 5 pm start – Avalon Route

Please email any Tour questions to