Santa’s Snowflake Tour – Sat, Nov 27th, 5 pm Start – Caledonia South Route

On four special nights, the “Santa Snowflake Tour” will be in Caledonia!

Upon his illuminated sleigh, Santa will be driving through the streets of Caledonia to greet all of his friends.

Please note:

  1. Santa’s Tour is unable to drive into Courts and small areas due to the size of Tour vehicles.
  2. Please maintain social distancing and stay back from moving vehicles.
  3. Santa wants to take his time and enjoy the Tour. Santa wishes to greet all of his friends along the Route.  As a result, we can’t estimate where Santa will be on the route at what time.  (We will try to post on social media where Santa is on Tour nights.  More info to follow.)
  4. Fire Fighters will be collecting food along the route for the Caledonia Food Bank.

Many thanks to the Volunteers, Special Projects, Who’s Your Santa, and the Caledonia Community Foundation for making the Tour a reality.

Saturday, November 27th, 5 pm Start – Caledonia South Route

– Santa to start the third leg of Tour at Celtic to the end and loop around and come back Caledonia Ave.

– Right onto Caledonia Ave.  to Caledonia Dr. to MacKenzie Rd.

– Right onto Fuller Rd to McDuff.

– Right onto McDuff.

– Right onto Caledonia Ave

– Right onto Lindsay.

– Left onto Fuller.

– Left onto Stewart.

– Right onto Caledonia Ave towards MacKenzie.

– Left onto MacKenzie to Haddington.

– Left onto Haddington to Scottacres Blvd.

– Left onto Scottacres to Celtic.

– Left onto Scottswood Dr to Jamison Dr.

– Left onto Jamison Dr

– Left onto Hyslop.

– Right onto Scottacres.

– Right onto Jamison to Scottswood

– Right onto Scottswood to Celtic.

– Left on Celtic.

– Left on Morgan Dr. to MacKenzie.

– Right onto MacKenzie to Caledonia Dr.

– Left onto Caledonia Dr

– Pass 1st Clansman Cres entrance and turn down the 2nd entrance to Clansman Crest.  Loop around back to Caledonia Drive.

– Right onto Caledonia Dr.

– Left onto Highland Blvd. to Haddington St.

– Left onto Haddington St.

– Left onto MacKenzie.

– Left onto MacMaster  to Buchanan Dr.

– Right on Buchanan.

– Right onto Tartan Dr. to Highand Blvd.

– Left onto Douglas Dr.

– Right on Douglas Dr and left onto MacKenzie Dr.

– Left onto Caledonia Dr. to Tartan Dr.

– Right onto Tartan Dr.

– Right onto Buchanan Dr to Highland.

– Right on Highland to Tartan Dr.

– Right onto Tartan to River Road.

– Right onto River Rd.

– Right onto Highland Blvd.

– Left at Dunrobin loop at the end of Dunrobin.

– Left onto Claymore Crest to Highland Blvd.

– Left onto Dunrobin to Highland.

– Right onto Highland Blvd.

– Right onto Belvenie Blvd. to Dunrobin.

– Right onto Highland Blvd to Haddington St and onto River Rd.

Night #3 Fini!  Santa to Rest and Relax!