Play BIA Bingo at home and enter Free Draw to WIN your own personal message to friends and family on the Hwy 6 LED Sign!

How to Play:

Click on B I A B I N G O card, 2 and download.

Print the BIA Bingo Card OR, as of Wednesday, May 13th, pick up your Bingo Card on the BIA stoop.  (cards will be outside in a marked blue box)

Each Bingo square has a different activity.  When you have completed the activity (ie.  “Assessed TP Supply”),  X the square.  Once all squares are X’d in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line….BINGO!

After You Shout BINGO!…

Email your Bingo Card to OR

Drop your Bingo Card into BIA mailbox at 86 Caithness Street, East, Caledonia.

Deadline to Enter May Bingo Card

All Bingo Cards received by June 1, 12 noon, will be entered into Draw for a personalized LED message!